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Revocation of Security Clearance

Has your clearance been revoked?

If you have reason to believe that your security clearance may be revoked, or if you have already been notified of a security clearance revocation, you need to place your trust in a firm that has the ability to intelligently and aggressively help you retain your clearance. Just as there are a number of reasons why your security clearance may be denied, there are also various reasons why clearance may be revoked. As a clearance holder, you are responsible for upholding a certain level of conduct. As such, violations such as criminal activity, financial insolvency, drug or alcohol use, and other reasons can potentially subject you to a clearance revocation.

When faced with a clearance revocation, you may experience repercussions that can threaten both your job security and your personal well-being. Should this be the case, you can find reliable and experienced representation at McCormack & McCormack. Our firm's security clearance attorneys can help those facing revocations compile evidence and prepare cases for presentation to the court. These efforts are aimed at refuting, explaining, and / or mitigating the reasons behind your security revocation.

Importance of Acting Fast

Taking swift and preemptive action is vital to improving your ability to protect your clearance. This is because there are strict procedural guidelines and time limits regarding your eligibility to submit a response to a revocation or to a notice of intent to revoke. By bringing your case to the attention of our firm as soon as possible, you can also afford our legal team the time to meticulously prepare your case. This can allow our firm to negate the government's case against you, including any statements, documents, or other relevant evidence supporting the allegations you face.

Protecting Your Clearance, Career, and Future

Regardless of the underlying reason for your revocation, our firm is here to help protect your clearance, your career, and your future. Experienced in representing many clients who have had their clearance denied or revoked, our legal team has honed the skills needed to effectively present a strong case in your favor. No matter what your case may entail, you can be sure that our attorneys and paralegals work collectively to strengthen your chances of preserving your security clearance. If you are facing a clearance revocation, do not hesitate to contact McCormack & McCormack today.

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