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Clearance Length

How long will your clearance last?

The duration of your security clearance usually depends of the type of clearance involved. The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), which issues more than 80% of all security clearances, as well as most other federal agencies, has three levels of clearances. These include confidential clearances, secret, and top secret. As part of the comprehensive legal assistance our firm provides, our security clearance attorneys make it a point to educate you about the duration your clearance remains in effect and the ways in which your clearance may be affected or become inactive.

Generally, your security clearance will remain in effect for as long as you remain employed by a cleared federal agency or contractor and are expected to require access to classified information. If you leave active duty or a job which required a security clearance, for example, your clearance will become inactive. You may also be obligated to meet certain periodic reinvestigation requirements. People with top secret security clearances are reviewed annually and reinvestigated every 5 years, those with a secret clearance are reinvestigated every 10 years, and those with confidential clearance are reinvestigated every 15 years.

Your security clearance may also be affected should you no longer require access to classified information. In you remain employed with the same agency or contractor, you may have your clearance administratively downgraded or withdrawn until you may once again require access. In these situations, however, your clearance investigation must be current. Our legal team can clarify the impact these and other similar situations may have on your clearance should you have any concerns or questions.

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As the length and terms of your clearance, as well as your clearance status, depend entirely on your personal situation, our legal team places an emphasis on handling your case on a personal basis. We provide you with information that relates precisely to your circumstances and make sure that you are equipped with the facts and skills needed to avoid or resolve clearance problems that may arise in the future. With more than 40 years of combined experience, our security clearance attorneys are fully capable of answering and addressing whatever questions and concerns you may have. If you would like more information about security clearances, or if you like to discuss your legal needs with an attorney from our firm, contact McCormack & McCormack today.

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