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Favorable Determinations TO PROTECT Your Future

Experiencing Security Clearance Problems?

Protecting Your Clearance and Career

At McCormack & McCormack, our experienced team of security clearance attorneys and seasoned paralegals offer representation with a wide range of matters related to security clearance law. We have more than 40 years of combined experience and constantly strive to provide the highest quality level of services available.

Our legal team focuses on working closely with clients and developing custom solutions that fit their specific circumstances. We have helped a diverse range of clients navigate various complex legal matters involving the clearance process and are dedicated to helping clients protect their clearance, their career, and their future.

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Aggressive Representation from McCormack & McCormack

Each of our team members are fully equipped to meet the demands of those we represent. We offer:

  • Personalized attention
  • Factual information
  • Skilled assistance

We approach each case with a complete understanding of what is at risk for the client. Our goal is to protect your well-being, along with your career. Put your trust in our legal team and we can guide you through the process. We are motivated to protect your clearance and your career!

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Benefits of Working with a Proven Firm

In matters as crucially importance as these, it becomes vital that you work with a firm that has demonstrated the capability needed to resolve clearance problems. Throughout our years of legal service, our security clearance attorneys have drawn from their experience and insight to produce a solid and consistent record of successful case results. The fact that we have proven our abilities to deliver the positive resolutions our clients need should make you feel confident about hiring an attorney from our firm.

You should also feel reassurance knowing that although our legal services and experience prove instrumental in these cases, our focus on providing personal attention and genuine support has proven to be one of the driving forces behind our firm's success. With each case we handle, we leave no stone unturned but thoroughly evaluate every aspect of the case at hand.

Meet Our Team During a Free Case Evaluation

Knowing what is on the line for you as our client motivates our legal team to work tirelessly on your behalf and to do everything in our power to produce favorable results that protect your clearance. As time is an important factor in these cases, and because there are procedural timelines in place, we strongly encourage you to schedule a free case evaluation as soon as possible.

We can aggressively defend your dignity and rights related to the following matters:

  • Active duty security clearance
  • Facility security clearance
  • Military security clearance
  • Security clearance appeal
  • Statement of reasons appeals

The security clearance process is designed to deny you clearance, rather than grant them. Without legal representation, you will likely be confronted with difficulties along the way that put your clearance at risk. The government will be represented by a knowledgeable attorney at the hearing, and therefore, you should have experienced representation by your side as well.

Learn more about the clearance issues you face and find out how our firm can be of assistance. Contact a security clearance attorney from McCormack & McCormack today.

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